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There was an idea, called the RAKETier Initiative. The plan was to bring together a group of extraordinary and talented individuals to see if they could become something more. Witness how they can work collaboratively to create spectacular and ground-breaking NFT arts.

Our vision is to bring together multiple projects under one umbrella. These will then be housed in various blockchains and made available on a variety of NFT market platforms.

We want to work with Filipino artists to help them complete their first NFT Project. A portion of the proceeds will be used to support this goal and make it into a reality. We intend to display these collaborative artworks in our virtual gallery on a monthly basis.

Grow Your NFT Art Collection Today​​

Take a look at our growing collection of NFTs or digital artwork by most popular and trending artists and creators from the Philippines

Senshi Society
The Ascendant Ring

RAKETier Store

A collection of limited edition tees, hoodies, toys, stickers and more from your favorite NFT Projects.

The Collective Gallery​​

Visit our virtual gallery, housing your favorite NFTs and other collaborative works from talented Filipino artists. Powered by Spatial​

Collaboration and Strategic Partnership​

Bwaya Republic


Bwaya Republic is an NFT collection of 10,000 Crocodiles on the Cardano blockchain.

Green NFT


Building the bridge between a healthy environment and Web3 through NFTs and sustainable forestry



Erena is the first player funded, player owned and player operated Metaverse venue that will host Esports events, concerts and Pay Per View events with the intent to distribute success back to the community that built it.



A Fox in a different Styles of 1/1 Collection, Digitally Hand-Drawn. This NFT Project Aims to Help Street Children.

Meet Our Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Raketier is not a project but an amalgam of ideas and projects with the same ideals. The name is taken from a local dialect that is synonymous to freelancing work. The devs on this team have at one point of their lives, had to work as a freelancer. The name is also taken from the movie Rocketeer, which the whole team is a big fan of.

The main aim is to release high quality NFT that has a wide range of variety but with an emphasis on high quality art. Not only that, the projects want to share in the project’s success by sharing the secondary market profits through monthly royalties. It’s also the team’s intention to help out the needy and the environment by using a portion of the sales through charity. The end goal will be to release space where new artists can partner with Raketier in releasing their projects and sets.

The team is composed of experienced individuals who are passionate about art. The team is composed of 2 award winning painters and artists, a 3D modeler who is working currently working on top mobile and PC games, a 12 year veteran VFX artist who is involved in the recent decade’s top blockbuster movies like Avengers Endgame and Spider-man No Way Home and a veteran Web Developer and Programmer.

Yes, the team is fully doxxed

Each is a passion project of the team.  We also want to give the community a variety of options, from fun loving projects, to a high fantasy  adventure. Each project also has a certain flair and utility built into them alongside the overall utility that Raketier offers.

You don’t have to, but if you want,  you certainly can collect them all!

Each month we will count the total amount of secondary market sales, we will subtract the income from last month and take 30-35% of that to be deposited on the community wallet.

A DAO will be elected to manage the community funds

Decentralized Autonomous Organization. A DAO is an organization run by a group of people with no typical company hierarchy, who establish their own rules, and make decisions based on smart contracts on a blockchain.

For sure! The team will need more moderators and community managers as the community grows. In the future development, we will accept applications for new projects to further expand the growing library of projects that Raketier manages